The Foundation: Culture

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Not enough smiles. Definitely. “There is something wrong with the culture”, the new HR lady says. How about beer on Fridays? Nerf guns?

"Culture" is not only a soft issue, it is also very very blurry. You can easily get lost working your way through a culture. Culture is circumstantial. It is a reflection of action. And avoidance.

Every day we come together as a group to work. We need a sense of direction and we need to see things happening. This is the foundation of any collaboration. Every time clients tell us about “cultural problems” we ask them to focus on strategy and implementation.

If strategy is pasta and implementation sugo, communication is Parmigiano. All needs to come together to create an irresistible stimulus. And the necessary energy to move forward.

Our approach

// creating a strategy in a fresh way
// turning ideas into a strategy and strategy into ideas
// matching strategy with suitable cooperation models
// Creating fascination and communication that intrigues

Our formats: