Ideas and impact: Innovation

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The environment around us is changing rapidly. Even within your organisation you can hear the words: “We need to be more innovative”. But how can you be innovative? Where should you start?

We have been trained to be super-efficient. Directly go from A to B. Avoid mistakes. These traits have made us great performers but they are the very traits that disqualify us from being innovators. Because innovators walk astray, make mistakes and get sidetracked. Innovators also don’t look for recipes. Because a real innovation is never a standard. You need to look for singularity.

When it comes to provoking innovation Mindfracking is not working with recipes, as well. We use techniques we derive from arts, sports, philosophy and other diverse sources of inspiration. We have an open approach to working with teams, according to every team.

Our approach

// free thinking. Trusting your impulse, even noticing your first impulses to begin with. Work with intuition. Not to be afraid of being ridiculed
// thinking big. Forget “Becoming a little better every day”. Be bold, consider something outrageous. Get out of your mind(set).
// adding fascination. If you want to turn an idea into a prototype you need to make it fascinating. Fascination is the energy a project needs to survive and thrive.
// working with barriers. This has to work in two ways: 1. Making yourself unavailable and create peace of mind for your quest of innovation. 2. Cracking down barriers to get support for your idea inside and outside your organisation.

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