Purpose: Meaning and significance

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A young person is looking for a new job. She is highly qualified and ambitious. Before she applies at your company she takes a look at your company's values. She doesn't only read them she also takes time to do a thorough research and check the claims. Most likely you are never going to hear from her. Why? Because the values of your company are like 90% of other companies dull and meaningless. Most importantly they don't reflect what is happening in your company. The situation of a potential employee with high expectation is highlighting what is happening in your company every day. Why do people get out of bed? Can you offer something more meaningful than a salary and a car? Needless to say, this will reflect In performance, loyalty or the potential of your organisation to renew itself in the face of rapid change.

Our approach

// checking your relevance from the perspective of clients, employees, suppliers, competitors, pressure groups...
// working with teams from your company to come of with a new proposition
// aligning all the different perspectives into one consistent perspective
// Implementing a continuous element of change to create a sense of constant conscious development

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