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First rule of mindfracking: Think originally.
Second rule of mindfracking: show a good sense of humor
Third rule of mindfracking: fuck expectations

mindfracking consists of a diverse community with different backgrounds and traits. Put together we are very powerful applying the necessary pressure to yield results.
What else do you want to know?
We celebrate multiple Christmas party every year.
We are likely to be found at a clown seminar or on a football game of Rotor Cyneburg.
We share a passion for good music but we cannot agree on "good".
We trust that this doesn't help you to get a better understanding of us.
So why not meet in real life?

You can contact us via:
Or you call one of our beautiful secretaries: 0151 2267 9463

If you want to read a lot - this is how we thought about innovation a while ago. Enjoy!
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left to right, top first: Robert Beddies, Sophie von Vogel, Micha Leidenfrost, Max Garzarolli, Michael Kiel, Julian Schildknecht, Fredrik Jönsson, Olivier Schneller